Course curriculum

    1. How to Navigate this Course

    2. Welcome to Intro to Music School. Meet your instructor.

    3. What's in the FREE downloads?

    4. What is your why?

    1. Do I need music school? I mostly work in a DAW. What if I don't read music?

    2. What types of music schools are there? Do I need to audition?

    1. Should I take AP Music Theory? Will I get college credit?

    2. Resources You Need for Music School

    3. Put Practice Systems & Study Strategies into Place NOW

    4. How to Succeed in ONLINE Music Classes

    5. Study & Note-Taking in Half the Time

    1. What kind of classes will I take?

    2. Recitals and OMG JURIES

    3. Part 1: My mistakes added 2 years to my degree! Learn from me

    4. Part 2: My mistakes added 2 years to my degree!

    5. Healing music theory trauma

    6. The realities of Music School - workload, pacing, and how to overcome BURNOUT

    7. Music student typical weekly schedule

    1. Timeline on Music Notation & Why Do We Need Music Notation, or Do We?

    2. Pre-Level 1 Prep Music Theory Lesson: Intro to Pitch & the Musical Alphabet

    3. Level 1 Theory Lesson: Whole & half steps, Enharmonic Equivalents, Notation

    4. Level 1 Theory Lesson: How to Notate the Major Scale (formula method)

    5. Practice Terminology

    1. Careers in Music - How do musicians make a living?

    2. Q & A from Careers in Music

    3. Music Business

About this course

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Why this course will help you launch your music career

Music school is a big decision and commitment. Get some insight about your future.

Is music school just about talent? NO. It's for anybody that wants to build a career in music. Music school is one path and very helpful for those that want a broad scope of music topics. Spend a week with me and we'll go over everything you need to know using my own personal experiences having been in music school for 17 years, and now as a music educator.

Save $300

Instead of booking time with me ($350) or other music school advising professional ($350+), learn the basics in this conversational, no-homework self study course. My insider knowledge and experience will help you decide on how to proceed in your music learning journey.

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Professor Dr. Malia

Music Training Expert. I help ambitious, multi-faceted, diverse musicians of all genres, go from being overwhelmed and frustrated in music theory and musicianship, to honing their music skills with proficiency and confidence to level up music creation, performing, and add an additional income stream as a music educator. I will help you create a soul-fulfilling, peaceful music career and lucrative music-teaching business that is built for longevity. I have worked with pop, rock, punk, folk, jazz, mariachi, and classical musicians. All are welcome.🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 Author📚, Music Theorist🤓, Pianist🎹, Dog Mom🐶. Credentials: Ph.D., Music Theory; M.A., Music Theory; M.A., Piano Performance; B.A., Music.